July 2021

Our paper “Smart & Sustainable: Rethinking what a Smart Home is” appears in the book It’s not for you! It’s for the building following the Venice Architecture Biennale

June 2021

Representing Cornell Info Sci @  HCIC / Human Computer Interaction Consortium summer workshop: Building Alliances, Working with Difference: Toward Equity and Accessibility

May 2021

Giving Keynote Speech titled “Defying Difference By-Design” @ CHI 2021 Migration Workshop

April 2021

Invited to organize “Issues and Visions around Automated Decision Making: A Design Thinking Session” @ #BanTheScan Youth Forum, Office of NYC Public Advocate

March 2021

Giving an invited talk titled “Making at Case for Paper in Interaction Design” @ INFO6940: Craft@Large, Cornell Tech

January 2021

Passed my PhD candidacy exam!

December 2020

Short piece titled “On Destruction in Design” published in SIGCAS

November 2020

Giving a talk titled “Is Unmaking Design?” at the DLI, Cornell Tech. Recap posted here.

August 2020

Elected as the first Diversity and Inclusion rep for Info Sci PhDs @ Cornell Tech

July 2020

June 2020

August 2019

Won the Engaged Cornell Opportunity Grant for the proposal Demystifying Artifacts: Sharing Non-Hegemonic Cultural Practices of International Transfer Students from the Roosevelt Island Middle School

November 2017

September 2017

Giving a talk titled “Applying Field Lessons to Housing and Spatial History Capturing Closer to Home”. iSchool, University of Toronto

August 2017

Moved to NYC to start a PhD in InfoSci at Cornell Tech!

July 2017

Giving a talk titled “What non-technical interdisciplinary impact can you instigate with a computer science degree?” Sisters coding @Rangle

September 2016

Giving a talk titled “Facilitating Participatory Shelter Design and Construction in Camps Through ICTat the University of New York Abu Dhabi, UAE

July 2016

Coming home with the best paper award AND audience popularity award from ICT4S!

August 2016

Giving a talk titled “Plasticity of Shelter in Forced Displacement Contexts@ Yorkville University, Canada

January 2016

Giving a talk titled “Ameliorating Canada’s Role in Forced Displacement Relief via ICT-based Development Interventions” @ The ACM-W Canadian Celebration of Women in Computing Conference (CAN-CWiC), Ottawa, Canada, January 22-23, 2016.